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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Aims and activities

The Living Wage Foundation, through our Funders network, aims to address the challenges third sector organisations face in ending low pay and in-work poverty. We know that the will to tackle low pay in the sector is there. Our primary task is working in partnership with third sector organisations, funders and commissioners to see a world where a hard day's work is rewarded by a fair day's pay, and where voluntary organisations do not add to the problems they were established to address.

Over 2022, 2023 and 2024, we are deepening relationships with our existing network of more than 80 funders to achieve the following aims:

  1. Use knowledge and evidence to overcome barriers to the Living Wage in the third sector
  2. Use our influence to boost accreditation to the real Living Wage, particularly amongst funders and commissioners
  3. Deepen our engagement to create a vibrant network of Living Wage organisations paying and championing the real Living Wage in the third sector. 

We know that in-work poverty is a complex issue that requires nuanced approaches and solutions. While the Living Wage is an important part of the solution, it is not a silver bullet. We believe that our strength is as a network, and that together we can identify the gaps in data and resources needed to address low pay, as well as the joint solutions we can collaborate on. We would welcome funders' inputs in this area.

Some of the questions we will be exploring include (but are not limited to):

  • The evidence on the prevalence of low pay and intersecting issues, including gaps in existing data. We will capitalise on the power of our network to shine light on existing research and data they are publishing
  • Who the right players are in this space and how we could connect to them to ensure that they are also involved in the movement
  • What are the themes and industries that are a priority for us to reach to make most impact on low pay?
  • What are the trends in giving, investment? What are the inefficiencies in the sector around how funds are granted and spent and therefore how savings could be made?
  • What are the solutions that partners have used to overcome the challenges they have faced? How can we share them with others?

How to get involved

Funders can sign up to become a Living Wage Funder through our website, which also lists information around opportunities.

To discuss what your priorities are in this space and how you might be able to support the movement to end in-work poverty, contact Lianna Etkind at the Living Wage Foundation.

Who's involved

Who was involved

Who was involved

A network of more than 80 organisations, including: Aviva, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Comic Relief, Cripplegate Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, Nesta, People's Health Trust and The Health Foundation. A full list is available here.

Learning and Resources

We recently brought out a report, All Work and Low Pay, which looks at the prevalence of low pay within the third sector, the key trends as well as drivers and solutions.  

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