Enabling the movement to end No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Aims and activities

Migration Exchange (MEX) is supporting the development of a collective impact partnership working towards transformational change on NRPF - an issue of racial and economic justice, not just migration.

We are asking funders to work together by committing resources to a shared strategy and coordination of efforts on NRPF. This could be through making a grant to a strategic pooled fund, or by aligning funding to partner organisations. Specifically, we are asking funders to:

  1. align funds granted into the field to boost the organising and campaigning capacity of organisations working on NRPF
  2. enable a steering group to provide governance across a shared strategy focused on expanding the movement and building power, using incremental wins to build towards broader change
  3. provide the steering group with sufficient budget to guide the collaboration needed, which includes funding to facilitate active participation of people with lived experience and delivery of key functions.

We believe by changing the way we invest in this issue, funders can increase their collective impact and shift power to people with lived experience of migration injustice. 

How to get involved

We are looking for funders beyond the MEX network who may be interested in joining this partnership. Funders with giving priorities in the following areas are likely to be an excellent fit for collaborating on this opportunity:

  • anti-poverty
  • system change
  • racial justice
  • economic justice
  • gender justice
  • children’s rights
  • place-based ways of working
  • inclusion (expertise by lived-experience, participatory grant-making)

In order for this partnership to maximise its reach and potential, we are looking for both a mix of aligned and pooled funding, with funders able to support through unrestricted grants to support core costs or fund specific elements of the partnership (eg commissioning a developmental evaluation of the partnership; funding a specific evidence and practice group; funding a campaign to demystify “NRPF”, etc). 

To discuss further and see how you might be able to contribute to the recommendations, please contact Sarah Cutler or schedule a time to speak that works for you.

Who's involved

Who was involved

Who was involved

This work has been developed via a collaborative process, with campaigners and leaders with lived experience. Migration Exchange (MEX) is supporting these efforts, via a network of funders in the refugee and migration field. Key members of MEX’s funder network have thus far fed into the development of this proposed partnership, including Paul Hamlyn Foundation, This Day Foundation, Lloyds Bank Foundation, AB Charitable Trust, Unbound Philanthropy, The Blue Thread, Migration Foundation and Justice Together Initiative. We are at various stages of securing funders’ commitment to up to a five-year partnership.

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