Funder Collaboration Toolkit

What is it?

  • The Toolkit is a set of practical and easy to use tools, resources and templates to support better funder collaboration.
  • It aims to make it easier for new and developing funder collaborations to work together to complete the key steps and activities needed to develop an effective funder collaboration.
  • Each tool has been designed with a specific and practical need in mind - informed by discussions with existing funder collaborations, research into the key ingredients of effective funders collaboration, and builds on a range of existing collaboration tools for funders.
  • The toolkit prioritises simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need to be an expert in service design or systems thinking to use them - though some will require a skilled facilitator.
  • And each tool has been designed to be done in a short timeframe. Some will only take around an hour, others up to a day or two, and for others you might want to return to them briefly on a regular basis.


What isn't it?

  • The Toolkit isn’t a prescriptive manual or one-size fits all solution.
  • It won’t tell you everything you need to know as each collaboration is different and will need different things.
  • The tools aren’t designed for in-depth analysis, but provide a light-touch way of answering important questions. Throughout the toolkit we also link to additional resources that will help you go deeper in particular areas. For example, our Landscape Mapper tool helps you quickly identify potential partners, but you might also wish to undertake a more comprehensive audit of your funding ecology.


Who is it for?

The Toolkit has been specifically designed for foundations, trusts, and philanthropists - large and small - as well as government bodies who are interested in starting a new funder collaboration or are developing an existing one and are looking for practical resources to make that process an easier one.

The Toolkit has been designed to be relevant for all types of collaborations as each tool focuses on common needs that most types of collaborations will have - though the answers will look different depending on the specific needs of your collaboration. 


Please see the Toolkit user guide for further information.

Funder Collaboration Toolkit/Tools

Tool no.

Tool Name (links)



The Pathfinder

To map out the key steps you need to take.


The Navigator

To find out what other funders are working on.

3 The Articulator

To articulate the case for collaboration.

4 The Landscape Mapper

To develop a list of potential funder partners.

5 The Engagement Pack

To reach out beyond existing relationships and networks.

6 The Meeting Planner

To plan and convene your first group meetings together.

7 The Purpose Crafter

To develop a shared purpose for your collaboration.

8 The Role Definer

To define roles and responsibilities within a collaborative effort.

9 The Collaboration Charter

To develop a bespoke agreement for your collaboration.

10 The Top Tips

To learn from funders about how to manage collaborations well.

11 The Health Check

To assess how you are doing as a collaboration.

12 The Library

To find additional resources and reading about best practice.