Being a flexible funder and a strategic funder

Event date: 
January 27, 2022

This short workshop aims to shine light on the importance of being a flexible funder and taking a strategic funding approach.

In 2013 the Life Changes Trust was established by the National Lottery Community Fund as a life-limited Trust with a spend-out endowment of £50 million. This endowment was to benefit young people with care experience, people living with dementia and the unpaid carers of people living with dementia.

Our aim has always been to get alongside our beneficiaries so that they can be influential, build strong relationships and exercise their rights.

Listening to, amplifying and acting upon the voice of the people we’re here for is woven into the fabric of the Trust. Over the past eight years, we have developed a deep understanding about what leads to significant and positive change in people’s lives.

As we approach the end of the Trust, we are focused on leaving a positive legacy for other funders. In order to do that, it’s important that we explain what we do and how we do it, as well as share insights into the impact of working in this way.

The Life Changes Trust has produced four booklets to help other funders take away something beneficial from our learning.

The topics covered in these booklets are:

  • Putting beneficiaries at the heart of funding
  • Relationship-based funding
  • Being a flexible funder
  • Strategic funding

This webinar will look at the second of those two subjects, drawing on the Trust’s learning and experience of building flexibility into funding and taking a strategic approach to effect longer term and more effective change.

We will give a brief overview of the short booklets, and hear from the National Lottery Community Fund and other funders about their approaches to funding and their reflections on being a flexible and strategic funder.

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