360Giving: Introduction to the DEI Data Standard (June 2024)

10:30 am
11:45 am
June 12, 2024 11:45 AM

In 2020, 360Giving started work with the DEI Data Group to create the DEI Data Standard, a shared taxonomy and approach to support funders to understand the equity of their grantmaking.

This workshop will introduce you to the DEI Data Standard, give background on why and how it was developed and outline the options for implementation. We’ll then explore how funders can approach collecting DEI Data Standard data about their grants and the next steps if they want to share the data collected using this framework using the 360Giving Data Standard.

There will be time for questions throughout the workshop and a Q&A at the end, but for those with any further questions we will be staying on for a further 15 minutes after the session ends.

This session is designed for UK funders wanting to learn more about the DEI Data Standard and how they can start collecting equity data.

This event is hosted by 360Giving. For any queries, please email events@threesixtygiving.org

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