Wakefield District Funder’s Forum

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Existing collaboration

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Hosted by Nova Wakefield District, the Forum was set up in response to research identifying Wakefield as a ‘cold spot’ for funding compared to both the national and Yorkshire averages. More information about the background to the Forum is available here.

The Forum’s objectives are to:

  • Review the current funding profile for the Third Sector across Wakefield District
  • Resource the Third Sector Strategy (as reviewed in the light of Covid-19)
  • Attract increased Social Investment (grants/loans etc) into Wakefield District
  • Coordinate investment programmes in order to maximise impact on key Third Sector Strategy priorities
  • Coordinate social investment with statutory support/resourcing of the Third Sector
  • Clarify and influence future investment criteria across programmes
  • Clarify and influence future eligibility criteria across programmes
  • Consult with community organisations to identify key areas of need across the metropolitan district
  • Develop learning programmes with Nova Members and other Third Sector organisations to assist in bid writing for grant applications and thus achieve greater success in attracting investment into the District
  • Focus the development of Wakefield District Funder's Forum and work together on the most effective systems
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to achieve greater flexibility, financial sustainability and system resilience
  • Adopt a robust and balanced approach to risk and opportunity
  • Actively champion and support the wider Wakefield ambitions

How to get involved

If you would like more information or you would like to join the Funders Forum, please email Nova Wakefield District.

Who's involved

The Forum is facilitated by Nova, the support agency for voluntary and community organisations in Wakefield District.

The Forum’s information document includes a list of member organisations.

Learning and Resources

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