The Beacon Collaborative

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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Beacon’s aims:

- to grow the amount of private assets deployed as donations or social investment for the public good annually;

- to encourage the investment of the skills, networks and time of private wealth holders for the betterment of UK civil society;

- to develop a connected philanthropy ecosystem which harnesses collaboration to support more and better giving.
Beacon is delivering these aims by focusing on a three-part Theory of Change:

- Engage - Attracting new givers to become involved in philanthropy;

- Enable - Building sector infrastructure to support more and better giving;

- Embed - Nurturing a positive culture for philanthropy in the UK.

How to get involved

Beacon offers a number of avenues to help wealthy individuals become more knowledgeable about philanthropy. These include:

Sign the Beacon Manifesto

Starting page for new givers

Resources for existing givers

A donor education course

Beacon Bulletin newsletter (sign up here)

Who's involved

The Beacon Collaborative is guided by a Philanthropists Council and an Organisations Council. It also works closely with a range of partners to strengthen the philanthropy sector and deliver projects. 

Learning and Resources

Beacon’s collection of resources for philanthropists includes:
Philanthropy News - The latest updates from the sector.
Philanthropy Stories  - Interviews with active givers.
The Beacon Blog - Deep dives into philanthropy-related topics.
And don’t miss the Resource Hub, including research, reports and guidance.

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