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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Aims and activities

GiveOut is an international LGBTQI community foundation, looking to collaborate with other trusts and foundations to fund LGBTQI activism worldwide.

The main aim of this collaboration opportunity is to ensure that LGBTQI rights organisations around the world have more of the resources they need to defend their communities, tackle inequality and campaign for lasting change.

To achieve this aim, GiveOut is looking to partner with and provide a platform for other trusts and foundations wanting to support LGBTQI communities worldwide, but which may not have their own grant-making programmes in this area. 

With additional support, we are ambitious for the LGBTQI movement globally to:

  1. Win decriminalisation, marriage equality and new legal protections for LGBTQI people in more countries
  2. Provide support and safe spaces for our community wherever they are needed
  3. Ensure that LGBTQI people are included in strategies to address some of the greatest challenges of our times, including climate change, by providing evidence of the unique ways LGBTQI people are impacted
  4. Turn the tide of public opinion through education, awareness raising and engaging allies, especially in those countries facing onslaughts of anti-LGBTQI rhetoric and propaganda
  5. Ensure that our global community is always there to support each other during disasters, war and other crises, and that LGBTQI people are included in broader humanitarian responses. 

How to get involved

GiveOut is looking to partner with and provide a platform for other trusts and foundations wanting to support LGBTQI communities worldwide, but which may not have their own grant making programmes in this area.

To create a world where LGBTQI people can live their lives freely and openly, we need a properly funded global LGBTQI movement that can advocate on behalf of LGBTQI communities. With the right resources, the global movement can help eliminate discriminatory laws, policies and practices, change attitudes and create safe spaces in places where LGBTQI people and identities are not accepted. 

In the Global South and East in particular, LGBTQI activists’ efforts are hampered by substantial legal and practical barriers to fundraising, beyond those experienced elsewhere. Pooling funding from our community and allies, GiveOut are building a safe, reliable source of funding especially for groups in these regions. We identify pioneering groups to support through a rigorous process of consultation, due diligence and vetting, guided by our Grant-making Advisory Panel and governed by our Board of Trustees.

Please contact Allan McKinnon, Head of Philanthropy at GiveOut, to discuss collaboration. 

Who's involved

Who was involved

Who was involved

GiveOut is already working with the following organisations:

Foundations, including the Baring Foundation, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and Boston Consulting Group

Corporates, including Levis, Macquarie and Travers Smith

We also work with individual philanthropists.

Learning and Resources

The UK LGBTQI International Giving Report (2023) - an analysis of UK giving to LGBTQI issues internationally by trusts and foundations, government, corporates and individuals

GPP 2019-2020 Global Resources Report (2022) - Government and Philanthropic Support for LGBTI Communities

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