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Aims and questions

Participatory grantmaking has been practiced for many years and is increasingly being explored, promoted, and strategically used by foundations and collaboratives around the world.

While there is a growing body of literature and tools to help people wherever they are in their participatory journeys, there is also an interest in learning from others, sharing experiences and growing the practice together.

The Participatory Grantmakers community of practice aims to be this missing space for practitioners to access knowledge and connect with one another.

Its work falls into three areas, with a programme of regular events that cover these topics:

  • Peer support – how to overcome common challenges
  • Deeper Dive – learning and best practice through case study and discussions into a topic
  • Advocacy – strategizing how to build the field and mainstreaming participatory grantmaking

Participatory grantmaking is not new, but has only recently started blossoming - partly thanks to the Participatory Grantmaking Community

Hannah Paterson
Head of Funding - UK Portfolio, The National Lottery Community Fund

How to get involved

Membership of the group is evolving. Currently it is mainly people who are either doing Participatory Grantmaking (or have a strong likelihood of doing so in the near future) or who are researching Participatory Grantmaking. The group is open to new members who meet these criteria. Sign up here to join.

Who's involved

Learning and Resources

A collection of resources for participatory grantmakers is available here, including a section of introductory material for those who are just getting started.

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