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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Building on the promise many funders made to stand by the sector in response to Covid-19, a community of grant-makers are adopting eight commitments to more open and trusting practices that make life easier for those they fund.

The eight commitments are:

  • Don’t waste time
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Accept risk
  • Act with urgency
  • Be open
  • Enable flexibility
  • Communicate with purpose
  • Be proportionate

Further information about each of the commitments is available on the Flexible Funders page of IVAR's website.

The Open and Trusting Grantmakers community of practice meets approximately every 3-4 months. Sessions are shaped by the needs of members and offer a mix of peer support, practice development and engaging with research IVAR and others are doing to shift culture and practice in grant-making.

How to get involved

Funders can join the community of practice by signing up to the eight commitments, using the form available on IVAR's website.

For any queries, please contact Eliza Buckley or Keeva Rooney at IVAR.

Who's involved

IVAR developed the eight commitments in collaboration with London Funders and a founding group of funders and charities.

A list of Steering Group members and all funders who have signed up to the commitments is available on IVAR's website.

Learning and Resources

IVAR published a briefing paper to share learning from 32 foundations who took part in the first round of Community of Practice meetings in April and May 2021.

The Flexible Funders page also features a series of blogs with perspectives on open and trusting grant-making from various funders and charities.

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