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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

No Going Back is a programme providing prison leavers with support, training, jobs, accommodation and more. Our 2020 pilot programme was supported by thirteen Livery Companies, with nearly thirty supporting year two. A Steering Group sets the strategy, with delivery partner Bounce Back facilitating the programme. We’re also in the process of founding a social enterprise specialising in construction-site cleaning, to provide job opportunities for service users.

Our primary aim is to help prison leavers build a productive life and reduce recidivism rates, and to do so more effectively than we could working individually. Identifying an issue many Livery Companies have experience and interest in has been crucial in mobilising the collaboration and sustaining engagement.

Not many people know that, among Livery Companies’ other work, we collectively comprise the fifth biggest philanthropic funder in the UK.

Serena Hedley-Dent, Johnny Robertson, Fran Findlater and Susan Barry

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Johnny Robertson or Francesca Findlater.

Who's involved

 27 Livery Companies  are supporting the programme in its second year.

Learning and Resources

No Going Back strategy paper, June 2019

Review of the programme's first year, October 2021

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