Future Mental Health Collective

Existing collaboration

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

The Future Mental Health Collective is a global peer-to-peer network of both existing and potential mental health funders.

We aim to provide a safe space for funders to come together to share, learn and listen to each other about what's working, where there are gaps in the field, and how they can collaborate to reduce duplication, accelerate impact and supercharge each other’s efforts.

It’s an environment of complete trust and non-solicitation, designed to catalyse change and connect the dots across the world of mental health! In addition to online meetings, the Collective team acts as a secretariat for its members by flagging important developments in the field, creating easily digestible information and developing products to help funders be more effective.

How to get involved

Please email us if you are interested and/or would like to know more.

Who's involved

SHM Foundation, The Royal Foundation, Rare Impact, Anna Freud Centre, Fondation d'Harcourt, Enosh, The Cook Family, The Goodness Web, Peloton, Raj Mariwala and others

Learning and Resources

We have produced:

- briefings exploring the intersections between mental health and the Sustainable Development Goals, e.g. People & Planet (on mental health and the climate crisis)
- a 3-page summary of the WHO's mental health atlas 2020 briefing.

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