Funding the 'third horizon'

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Emerging opportunity

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

We think more funding needs to be directed towards the 'third horizon', with less funders focusing on amelioration and responsive work and more on work that is shifting us towards alternative futures that work better for everyone.

We are looking for fellow travellers in this space as Joseph Rowntree Foundation look to develop the Emerging Futures area of work.

Questions we would like to consider together:

How do we identify 'third horizon' work?

How do we fund it?

How do we cultivate the conditions for it to grow and develop?

How do we evidence progress in 'third horizon' work?

How to get involved

We plan to convene a workshop of interested funders in early 2022.

If you are interested in working together on this, please contact Cassie Robinson at Joseph Rowntree Foundation and share:

Your organisation
Your funding priorities
Any comments or ideas on these aims

Who's involved

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Learning and Resources

This video explains what we mean by the 'third horizon'

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