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Northern Ireland
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Aims and activities

Aims and questions

The Funders Forum for Northern Ireland is made up of representatives of organisations who fund and make grants in Northern Ireland.

It brings the funders together, in a confidential space, to network, to share information and to encourage collaboration, thereby promoting philanthropic giving across the region.

The Forum is a mix of independent and semi-independent funders with access to significant resources. The Forum recognises the different funding roles and remits of its members and acknowledges their independence. It does not, currently, make grants or donations.

As funders, we can play a critical role in identifying and supporting work which has potential to transform the sector, working with communities, government and each other.

Fionnuala Walsh
Chair, Funders Forum for Northern Ireland

How to get involved

Information about membership of the Forum can be found here.

Who's involved

Details of current members of the forum are available here.

Learning and Resources

A report on the Funders Forum for Northern Ireland 2021 conference is available here.

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