Farming the Future

Existing collaboration

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

Farming the Future exists to strengthen and amplify the movement for an agroecological system of food and farming, built on equity, harmony, and compassion.

Farming the Future takes a strategic and experimental approach, drawing on our collective wisdom and imagination, and moving towards a holistic, resilient, fair food system for now and for future generations.

We pool funds, knowledge, and networks, while questioning conventional philanthropy, and continually reassessing our processes to be flexible and appropriate to our aims and purpose.

How to get involved

We are currently going through a process of reflection and change, in preparation for a new phase of our project in Spring 2022. Funders interested in getting involved are encouraged to contact Meghann Sherwood at the A Team Foundation.

Who's involved

The following funders are currently involved in the collaboration: The A Team Foundation, The Roddick Foundation, Thirty Percy, The Samworth Foundation, The Savitri Trust, The Kreitman Foundation, Be the Earth Foundation, Bertha Foundation

Learning and Resources

We have shared some of our learnings, as well as those of our grantees, on our blog.

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