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Aims and activities

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Aims and activities

For millions of people, the cost-of-living crisis has now become the 'new normal', and the onset of winter brings a familiar fear of how they are going to keep themselves and their families warm as the temperature drops. The Warm Welcome Campaign has now launched for winter 2023-24, seeking to support Warm Spaces across the UK to serve their communities and turn poverty and isolation into warmth and local connection. 

A key part of the campaign is helping local groups access the necessary resources to run their Warm Space, and in this regard there are multiple opportunities to partner with funders of all kinds. These include:

  • The Warm Welcome Campaign is promoting live funding opportunities to its network of registered Warm Spaces. If funders have relevant funding programmes, they can flag these with the Campaign for inclusion on the Warm Welcome Dashboard for Spaces.
  • Warm Welcome would be delighted to support funders who want to establish or evolve a specific funding programme to align with the Campaign. 
  • Warm Welcome is working with Crowdfunder to create a collaborative fund to support Warm Spaces in areas of highest deprivation.

How to get involved

For more information about ways to get involved, please contact David Barclay, Warm Welcome Campaign Director.

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Who was involved

The Warm Welcome Campaign is convening these conversations with partners and funders including Crowdfunder, Stewardship, Benefact Trust and Astra Foundation.

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