Collaborate with Co-op Foundation on our Carbon Innovation Fund

Emerging opportunity

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

We want to explore the following questions in collaboration with other funders:

- How can we improve Co-op's Carbon Innovation Fund for future years? Both in terms of scope and purpose, as well as operationally speaking.

- How can we best support successful applicants both during the period of funding and beyond?

- How can we best signpost unsuccessful applicants to relevant opportunities?

- How can we ensure this fund avoids duplication of work already being done in climate funding?/ How can we work together with others that have similar funds?

- Should we be exploring funding options outside of innovation, e.g. loss and damage?

- How can we harness the maximum amount of budget possible to ensure we can fund significant developments and impact in the climate space?

How to get involved

We are open to different types of collaboration. This could be match-funding, providing support / capacity building for funded partners, collaborating on insights to help inform our work and decision making. Discussions welcome! Formal collaborations should be in discussion stages at least by April 2022.

Funders interested in this opportunity can get in touch via the Funders Collaborative Hub.

Who's involved

Co-op and Co-op Foundation, with advice and guidance from Impatience Earth, worked in partnership to launch a first pilot round of funding in November 2021.

Learning and Resources

Impatience Earth (climate philanthropy experts) are an incredibly useful and friendly organisation who have acted as advisors on this fund. They provided us with learning sessions with multiple experts in this field which helped inform our decision making on this fund.

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