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Aims and questions

The Co-op Foundation launched its new Carbon Innovation Fund in 2021. The Carbon Innovation Fund seeks to support organisations in the UK and overseas who are fighting climate change by reducing, avoiding or sequestering greenhouse gas emissions within the food and farming sector. This Fund is supported by Co-op Food through the sales of compostable carrier bags in-store, and is set to run for a minimum of 3 years.

Co-op Foundation is due to award grants to successful applicants in June 2022, and plans to launch the second round of this fund in October 2022.

We want to explore the following questions in collaboration with other funders:

  • Who can we collaborate with, and how, on the Carbon Innovation Fund? Collaboration could mean financial (match-funding), providing capacity building and support for applicants or funded partners, or even sharing knowledge to help inform scope and criteria for round 2.
  • How can we make the application process more inclusive and less demanding on applicants?
  • How can we make the funding process innovative? As an innovation fund, we want to apply the word ‘innovation’ to the way we work, too.
  • How best can we support successful and non-successful applicants? Are any funders interested in hearing about high-scoring but unsuccessful applicants?
  • How can we harness more budget to be able to fund significant developments in the climate innovation space?

How to get involved

We are open to different types of collaboration. This could be match-funding, providing support or capacity building for funded partners (or unsuccessful candidates), or even collaborating on insights to help inform our work and decision making for the future. Discussions welcome!

Formal collaborations should be in discussion stages at least by August 2022, as we would like to include collaborators in co-creating round 2 of the Carbon Innovation Fund.

Funders interested in this opportunity can get in touch via the Funders Collaborative Hub.

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