Asylum, Refugee & Migration (ACF Member Network)

For ACF members who are funding (or exploring the possibility of funding) work related to asylum, refugees and migration

Basic information

Type of collaboration

ACF networks provide members with an opportunity to connect with each other, discuss a variety of topics and share best practice and learning.

Members of the Asylum, Refugee and Migration network are able to:

  • Access regular updates and news items on the latest developments in this field
  • Participate in thematic meetings that are designed to improve your understanding on this funding area and provide opportunities to build relationships with other funders and stakeholders
  • Be a part of a thriving funding community and safely share information and best practice with peers around refugee and migration issues
  • Work with other members in smaller groups to develop sub-sectoral understanding, exploring the potential for collaboration and special initiatives in order to achieve greater social impact in this funding area.


Get involved

Staff and trustees of ACF members can access the network here to find further details and subscribe to receive updates. (Please note: you will need to be logged in as an ACF member.)

Information about ACF membership can be found here.