UK Grantmaking: A collaborative project bringing together data on the landscape of grant-making in the UK

June 25, 2024


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Jade Yap
Senior research manager, Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF)

We are excited to announce the launch of UKGrantmaking, an innovative project designed to provide transparent and accessible data on grant-making across the UK. This platform represents a collaborative effort between 360Giving, the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), the Association of Charitable Organisations, UK Community Foundations, London Funders, and various other organisations that support the funding and charitable sectors.  The diverse expertise, insights and resources of these partners, united by common goals, have significantly enhanced the quality and utility of the platform.

UKGrantmaking allows funders to access detailed data on grant-making activities, enabling them to better understand their role within the broader landscape of charitable funding. This data is crucial for funders seeking to benchmark their efforts, identify funding gaps, and explore potential collaborations.  By leveraging the platform, funders can make more informed decisions, ensuring their resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to areas of greatest need.

This initiative aligns with ACF’s Stronger Foundations programme, which supports foundations to aspire to and achieve excellent practice. Our Stronger Foundations report on strategy and governance emphasises the importance of foundations being aware of the external context and understanding their role within the wider ecosystem. UKGrantmaking provides a new tool that can help foundations work towards this pillar of stronger practice, offering a clearer picture of the funding environment and helping foundations align their strategies with sector trends and priorities.

The UKGrantmaking data is complemented by ACF's Foundations in Focus paper, which delves into a sample of foundations’ experiences during the 2022-23 year. By providing additional context, we seek to add depth and nuance to the figures, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the trends and challenges faced by the sector.

For more information and to access the platform, please visit UKGrantmaking.