Seeking a Chair for the Enterprise Grants Taskforce

May 17, 2024


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Anna de Pulford
Director, The Dulverton Trust

Handing over the baton

In Summer 2022 I answered an advert to chair a new sector movement - the Enterprise Grants Taskforce.

The recruitment post called for a chair to lead a group of funders in creating a solid foundation from which to boost enterprise-focused grant-making. After almost two years of activity and progress, supported by an auspicious membership of some of the sector's most innovative funders, I am excited to pass the baton on for the next stage of this important mission.

The role description and application process is here and I want to encourage colleagues in the sector to consider throwing their hat in the ring.

Here’s why…

Growing the value and quality of enterprise grants is arguably more relevant and important than ever

There is a wealth of research to suggest that grant funding for charities, social enterprises and community businesses is increasingly competitive. My personal motivation to join this movement was to better understand the current - and potential - role of enterprise and traded income in the funding ecology. From my learning through the Taskforce, I’m more convinced than ever of the value in enterprise and traded income for sustaining and strengthening crucial grassroots community work. And I’m more convinced than ever of the scope for funders to do more and better to support this work.

Now is a great time to build on strong foundations and leverage emerging opportunities

In my time at the Taskforce, with the support of members, we have refined the definition of enterprise grant-making, published research on the scale and scope of existing enterprise grant-making, and are co-designing good practice principles. We have set up working groups (eg focusing on shared data standards). The Taskforce is now well-positioned to broker partnerships between the membership and beyond, and to seize and help shape emerging opportunities such as the Community Enterprise Growth Plan and dormant asset funding. The new Chair will have the chance to drive this exciting movement.

Working towards a shared vision

A real strength of the Enterprise Grants Taskforce is the clarity of vision shared by the 24 (and growing) funders who are members. The desire to champion sustainability, the focus on quality and impact, and the dedication to reaching the most marginalised communities, is in the lifeblood of the Taskforce. It is a pleasure to work with this effective and committed group.

More details about the role and how to apply are in the link below. Go for it!

Working in partnership with funders, Voice4Change England provides vital funding for black and ethnic minority led social impact organisations. We strongly believe in catalysing further investment to boost economic growth in left-behind communities, and support Enterprise Grant-making as a key tool within this ecosystem.

Kunle Olulode
Director, Voice4Change England (Taskforce member)

How to apply

Click the button below for further information about the role of Taskforce Chair and how to apply

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