Introducing the Hub’s 2024 service offer

January 17, 2024


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Jim Cooke
Head of the Funders Collaborative Hub

The Funders Collaborative Hub has evolved a lot over the last three years. Originally developed in 2020/21 as a pilot rooted in funders’ collaborative responses to Covid-19, the Hub has now established a role that meets an ongoing need in the UK’s grant-making ecosystem.

This role of the Hub consists of two parts:

1.     Catalysing collaboration, as the go-to source for funder collaboration opportunities

More than 160 funder collaboration opportunities are now available to explore on the Hub website. These opportunities were viewed more than 36,000 times in 2023.  

2.     Helping funders work towards stronger practice in their collaborations

Learning shared by collaboration leaders in our collection of 25 case studies and the practical resources in our funder collaboration toolkit can help funders to collaborate more confidently and effectively.

Making the Hub sustainable

The Hub is hosted by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), and its work to date has been made possible through generous grant funding from a small number of ACF members.  

Over the last year, we’ve been exploring how we can maximise the Hub’s potential impact in the long-term, including by transitioning from its current grant-dependent funding model.

It’s always been an important feature of the Hub that it is open to all funders (whether or not they are members of ACF), as well as others with whom they collaborate. This inclusive approach, minimising barriers to engagement, is vital – it’s what enables the Hub to bring together a critical mass of information about funders’ plans, and to share these plans with as wide as possible an audience of potential collaborators.

Our updated service offer for 2024 is a first step towards making the Hub financially sustainable, by strengthening its links to ACF’s wider work and introducing additional benefits for ACF members – while ensuring that the Hub remains open and accessible to all.

If you have some plans or ideas for funder collaboration that you’d like to progress in 2024, why not add an opportunity to the Hub, or get in touch to arrange a free consultation meeting?

Jim Cooke
Head of the Funders Collaborative Hub

How can the Hub help you?

The Hub’s standard service will continue to be available free to all funders as well as to others who provide infrastructure that supports funder collaboration. 

This standard service includes:

  • Sharing funder collaboration opportunities, events and resources via the Hub’s website and free newsletter
  • One free consultation meeting with our team to discuss your collaboration plans, aims or ideas
  • Free access to our funder collaboration tools and case studies.

We’re also introducing an enhanced service to help funders connect with potential collaborators. This service is offered free to ACF members, or at a one-off cost of £650 + VAT to non-members.

This enhanced service includes our standard service plus: 

  • Additional ways for you to highlight your collaboration opportunity, event or resource to relevant funders
  • Personalised introductions to your peers or signposting you to relevant resources  
  • Advice and guidance from our team when you need it, at any stage of your collaboration.

You can find the full details of our standard and enhanced services here.

If you have some plans or ideas for funder collaboration that you’d like to progress in 2024, why not add an opportunity to the Hub, or get in touch to arrange a free consultation meeting?

Learning and improving

Over the next two years, we expect to continue evolving the Hub’s offer, as we learn how it can best meet funders’ needs – and by supporting them in their missions, contribute to wider social value – while securing the long-term financial sustainably of our work.

Please get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve our services.

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