About the Funders' Collaborative Hub

The Hub offers increased understanding, closer alignment, and opportunities for funder collaborations in response to Covid-19

It aims to enhance the effectiveness of individual and joint responses by funders and philanthropists to maximise the impact of their resources to benefit civil society and communities. It is hosted by the Association of Charitable Foundations, and involves a coalition of funders and civil society organisations from across the UK.

How can the Hub help you?

Through a regular programme of events, resources and a growing directory of funder collaborations responding to Covid-19, the Hub can help funders and philanthropists answer four key questions:

  • What collaborations are happening already in response to Covid-19?
  • Who else is involved or is interested in a collaboration focused on an area of importance to us?
  • How can our funding best help?
  • Where are the emerging needs and gaps?

In addition to the resources on this platform, the Hub actively brings together existing collaborations, funders and philanthropists with new ideas, and civil society organisations. You can find out more in the News and Events sections. 

Who is involved in running the Hub?

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) hosts a small staff team that delivers day to day work, with support from a project group comprised of funder representatives that has met weekly since May 2020 (a list of members of this group is here). A Strategy Group helps guide the Hub's direction of travel, and is comprised of representatives from the foundation and philanthropic sector and civil society organisations (a list of members is here, along with its terms of reference).

How to contact the Hub and get involved

Crucial to the effectiveness of the Hub is involvement of a wide range of organisations. If you would like to:

  • Join the Hub's stakeholder list
  • Set up or find out more about a funder collaboration
  • Seek support to develop your ideas
  • Provide input to the development of the Hub

Please email Policy@acf.org.uk and follow us on Twitter at @FunderHub