Grant Givers' Movement

A non-hierarchical gathering of people who work in grant-giving, enabling them to raise their collective voice about pressing issues affecting the sector

The movement is an opportunity for people working in grant giving to collaborate. Together, we seek to challenge the status quo on issues such as where endowments are invested, where power lies, systems change and the role of philanthropy in tackling some of society’s most pressing problems. Ultimately, it’s about joining up and improving grant-making from within.


​Conversation: We exist to connect grant makers and to facilitate meaningful discussion around the challenges in our sector.

Example collaboration

A bit more information about what the collaboration is

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DEI Data Standard

A group to create and utilise a standardised DEI taxonomy

The DEI Data Group is an independent working group convened by Fozia Irfan and Josh Cockroft, and includes a range of foundations and funders from across the United Kingdom. The key thread that connects these foundations is the understanding that without an effective framework to capture DEI data there can be no effective action to identify and target funding to address structural inequalities. This led to the creation of the DEI Data Standard.