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John Ellerman Foundation launched the UK Overseas territories (UKOTs) Fund on 1 October 2021 and it closed to applications on 29 November 2021. The funding guidelines and FAQs relating to the fund are available on their website here.

The fund was launched as the centrepiece of the Foundation’s 50th anniversary celebrations, alongside some other activities that they are working on.

Other funders were encouraged to join this collaboration, either by directly contributing or by aligning their funding. For those contributing directly, their funding will be added to John Ellerman Foundation’s £800K contribution, and joint decisions will be taken about which applications to support. For those that are aligning funds, John Ellerman Foundation will share with them any strong applications that they are unable to afford to fund. Aligned funders will then be able to take these applications through their own decision-making processes to determine if they can fund them.

The Foundation hoped to fund practical conservation activities in support of the protection and restoration of habitats and species on land and in the sea. They will also consider funding organisational capacity building, policy related work, acquisition of land with intrinsic conservation value, and advocacy for the creation and implementation of legislative frameworks. Regardless of the specific nature of the funded work, they are always keen to fund work which has a legacy beyond the life of the grant.

Applications were welcomed from UK-registered charities working in the UKOTs and from charities based in the UKOTs. UKOTs-based charities could apply either directly or through a conduit in the UK. This was the first time since the Foundation first started making grants in the UKOTs back in 2013 that they accepted applications from Territory-registered charities. More detail about what this means per Territory is provided in the FAQs document for this Fund.

Read more from Sufina about why the fund was created in this article.

2021 is a critical year for making progress on the global climate and biodiversity emergencies we face. Investing in the UKOTs is an inspiring and impactful way of responding to these emergencies.

Sufina Ahmad
Director, John Ellerman Foundation

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If you want to learn more about the Fund and what it achieved, please contact Sufina Ahmad, the Foundation’s Director.

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John Ellerman Foundation

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Future learning from the fund will be shared here when available.

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