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John Ellerman Foundation launched the first round of the UK Overseas territories (UKOTs) Fund in October 2021 as the centrepiece of our 50th anniversary celebrations. The UKOTs Fund is a collaborative fund that we lead, based on our experience of funding land and marine based environmental work in UKOTs since 2013, and our belief that these are nationally and internationally significant places that require more support from environmental philanthropists.

The fund received direct contributions from two UK-based funders. Several other funders were part of this initiative as aligned funders, which means that we shared applications we were unable to fund with them to review and decide if they wanted to invite the applicant to apply to them directly.

A new round of the fund is now open for applications until 5pm on 19 September 2022. Joint decisions will be taken between funders involved in this collaboration in October about which applications to support.

We needed to consider how to ensure that our fellow pooled funders were fully involved in the decision-making and that decisions taken by them were balanced with decisions taken by us

Sufina Ahmad
Director, John Ellerman Foundation

How to get involved

We hope to distribute circa £850k through this round of the UKOTs Fund.

John Ellerman Foundation will be contributing circa £200k to the fund, and we are delighted that we have received £500k to the UKOTs Fund through money raised by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, which will be awarded through the Postcode Planet Trust.

We are in discussions with other funders too about their involvement. If you are interested in contributing funds directly to the UKOTs Fund, please contact Sufina Ahmad, Director of the John Ellerman Foundation.

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An update on the first round of the fund, including details of the grants awarded and learning from the application process, is available here.

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