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Older people
Existing collaboration

Aims and activities

Aims and questions

This newly formed funder collaboration is being shaped though a series of discussions involving a wide range of funders who are interested in supporting work with and for older people.

A kick-off event in February 2021 explored some of the challenges and opportunities for older people's organisations and funders, as they started to extend their horizons beyond the pandemic.

The starting point for the collaboration will simply be for funders to share their insight and priorities relating to their older people work. It is hoped that this will be the foundation of further collaboration, whatever that may look like. At the very least, organisations will understand the focus of other funders and the insight in this area, which will allow for better decision making. But let’s aim to be more ambitious. Let’s use our positive experiences of the past and the hope we have for the future as a driver to develop a new and improved “system”, with older people and the organisations working with them, at the heart of everything we all do.

Mark Hayward and David Terrace

How to get involved

Further meetings are planned, as the collaboration continues to develop its role and structure. These will be promoted on the Funders' Collaborative Hub's events page and in its newsletter.

Funders interested in finding out more about the collaboration can contact:
- Mark Hayward (Head of Grants & Programme Development, Independent Age)
- David Terrace (Grants Programme Manager - Older People & Housing, The Mercers' Company)

Who's involved

Learning and Resources

At a second meeting in June 2021, funders discussed learning from:

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