Justice Together Initiative

Building a community of people and organisations with diverse backgrounds, strengths, and experience, to transform access to justice in the UK immigration system

Basic information

Type of collaboration

Justice Together is a funder collaboration launched in 2020 with a decade-long vision to ensure that people who use the UK immigration system can access justice fairly and equally.

It aims to build a collaborative partnership that will combine lived and learned experience, frontline evidence and influencing to work towards achieving the following outcomes: 

  1. A fair, timely and accessible immigration system. 
  2. A more sustainably resourced immigration advice and legal system. 
  3. A more accessible, sustainable, collaborative, and co-ordinated sector to strengthen and increase access to immigration advice and legal provision. 

More information about the collaboration's aims, activities and who is involved can be found on its website.

The initiative is committed not only to learning internally, but to convening organisations and funders to ensure learning and research is shared amongst grants partners and the wider sector. Research commissioned by the collaboration and other related resources are available here.


Get involved

Justice Together is open to new funders joining the initiative. 

Interested funders can get in touch using the enquiry form on the collaboration's website.

Laura Redman


"The essence of the initiative is partnership and collaboration, with lived experience of the immigration system at its heart"

Laura Redman, Acting Head of Justice Together Initiative