Children and Young People’s Funder Collaboration

The Children and Young People’s Funder Collaboration are a group of funders who are deeply concerned about the impact COVID-19 is having on children and young people – particularly those already experiencing key risk factors. They want to collectively challenge themselves to ensure that they are working as effectively as possible to support children and young people through and beyond this crisis. This collaboration asks, "How can we, together, maximise the difference we make in the lives of children and young people?"

The crisis has challenged established ways of doing things and practices not thought possible at the beginning of the year are now features of our every-day lives. This period of change and disruption presents not only enormous challenges that require our collective effort, but also a profound opportunity for society to adapt and do away with the approaches which see so many children and young people disadvantaged and unable to reach their potential. 

By exploring specific areas of focus for collaboration in the context of COVID-19, this collaboration aim to begin a wider conversation about how the sector works together to meet this challenge including how it is shared with children and young people the power to inform how that opportunity is taken.

Areas of Collaboration Focus

The Children and Young People’s Funder Collaboration have identified some areas of collaboration focus (or ‘Sub Groups’) set out below. These are a starting point for practical, focused discussions around collaboration and it is expected that they will shift, merge their focus will be refined as groups decide where the genuine opportunities for collaborative action are. They also expect more groups to form as new themes or needs become apparent and, crucially as we develop a shared vision and strategy for children and young people.

Each of our sub groups are at different stages of maturity (some have met several times and have a clear plan/scope for work, some are in their infancy). As each group takes forward its particular area of focus, they feed back in to a central discussion during two meetings a month. This is an opportunity to share progress and consider connections as well as for each member to think about how these discussions should impact on their own plans and initiatives. The central discussions also provide an opportunity for funders to share early planning for funding, or other initiatives, so that – collectively – members can identify new opportunities for potential coordination and collaboration.

Ensuring children & young people’s voices are at the heart of CYP funding (Joe Rich – National Lottery Community Fund)

Building a shared vision and strategy for children and young people (Jan Carruthers – BBC Children in Need)

Sharing our approach to learning and insight (Craig Tomlinson – BBC Children in Need)

Working together to support and strengthen infrastructure to ensure young people thrive (Ruth Pryce – Paul Hamlyn Foundation)

Collaborating to ‘empower local’ (Justin Watson – Young Manchester Foundation)

Collaborating to increase access to social welfare law advice for children and young people (Claire Carter – Access to Justice Foundation)

Operationalising funder collaboration  - learnings from funder collaborations including #iWill Fund and youth social action (Helen Whyman – National Lottery Community fund / #iWill)

Collaborating to support young people into employment (Dilys Winterkorn – Youth Futures Foundation)


Get involved

The Children and Young People’s Funder Collaboration is keen to engage more funders in these subgroups, or as part of the wider group that we feed back to and keep informed of progress. Please get in touch with BBC Children in Need for more information, to receive further updates directly or to express interest in any of the sub groups identified above.